Blocked Drains Brisbane

Professional blocked drain repairs

Using the fastest, most effective methods we can clear your blocked drain or blocked toilet more effectively and affordably.

We are specialists in blocked drain diagnosis and clearing. We’ll clear your blockage fast!

Our specialist blocked drain plumbers are equipped with the latest high pressure water jetters and drain cameras.

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Blocked drains Brisbane

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Clear your blocked drains with high pressure water jetting

We use the latest technology drain clearing device – the 5000 psi High Pressure Water Jetter – to clear your blocked sewer or stormwater drain.

Our high pressure water jetter can cut through tree roots, debris and waste build up easily and effectively.

Water, under a very high pressure, blasts out of the end of a small nozzle attached to the jetter hose. The hose is placed into the drain and self-propels itself through the pipe – blasting through any obstacles, such as tree roots, grease, and dirt that is blocking the pipe.

No matter where in Brisbane you live or how clogged your sewer pipes are, the high -pressure jetting machine is an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly part of our plumber’s drain cleaning toolkit.

If you are looking to clear your drain with the best in high pressure jetting, then reach out and speak to one of our qualified blocked sewer plumbers now.

Blocked drain plumber in Brisbane

Gold Medal Plumbing Service

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Blocked drains – how we unblock your drain

Using CCTV (closed circuit tv) Drain Cameras we find out exactly what is causing your drains to block up. Our inspections identify and locate serious drain problems like tree roots.

To unblock your drain or pipe, we then use the high pressure water jetter. This is the best drain cleaner to be used in this situation as it uses high pressure water and will remove any stubborn blockage along with any dirt, leaves or sludge from drains and stormwater pipes.

Conventional electric eel drain machines or drain snakes are older style machines and are’nt good enough when it comes to clearing those stubborn blockages. All our water jetters are trailer mounted.

Brisbane plumber unblocking a drain with a water jetter

Licensed Brisbane plumbers

All our plumbers are fully trained Master Plumbers. Our blocked drain plumbers drive a fully stocked service vehicle with the full range of common stock items as well as a high pressure water jetting machine and CCTV drain camera.

Our expert plumbers specialise in blocked drains and can unblock your drain efficiently and effectively.

Blocked drain plumbing van in Brisbane

We are taking unprecedented measures to ensure your health and well-being is our priority. We’re open and continue to provide an exceptional service as normal. We’re here for you.

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