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Jetset Plumbing are local plumbers in Brisbane providing an extensive variety of residential and commercial plumbing maintenance services.

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Zero Call Out Fees - Plumber Brisbane
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Jetset Plumbing is a leading provider of quality plumbing services in Brisbane. Our plumbers provide a full range of plumbing services including: blocked drains, leak detection, hot water systems, toilets, kitchens, taps, bathrooms, drainage solutions and gas services.

Our Master Plumbers are all fully qualified and licenced – they receive regular professional training to ensure they give you the best possible plumbing solutions. Our plumbers service all areas in Brisbane.

We strictly adhere to the Plumbing Code, Local Council Plumbing and we back our work with 100% workmanship guarantee!

Blocked Drains · Leak Detection · Hot Water Systems Taps · Toilets · Kitchens · Bathrooms
Brisbane Customer Testimonials
Thank you to your wonderful staff member Tony for coming to our property today. He was able to remove an existing problem and has pointed out other areas that will require to be fixed. Very Knowledgeable , prompt and friendly.


I had Jake out from Jetset Plumbing and he was fantastic. He cleared my sewer blockage and he explained everything along the way.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Jake and Jetset Plumbing to anyone and everyone no matter what the size of the job!
Jetset Plumbing will sort you out and provide a great service at the same time. Thank you Jake and Jetset

Frances P

I have used Jetset a few times now and they are great. They never do any work unless they have your permission and informed you on what needs to be done. Always on time and very clean and tidy. Highly recommend anyone to use them. Keep up the good work guys.

Janelle S

Mike is a great and effective tradesmen. They provide very fast and professional quality work! Will use again!


On time and professional. All work was discussed and quoted before commencing. Will definitely use again.

Stuart McC

I am very impressed. Michael was on time, courteous, friendly and thorough. He was particularly careful in my garden.

Trevor R

Matty and team provided outstanding service. They were able to quickly identify the problem and fix on the spot. Highly recommended for fast, reliable and competitive service.

Penny N

We had a problem with the hot water system. Michael came around on time and was very professional and personable. He did a great job and gave us all our available options on the repair required without being pushy and the end job has come up looking great. Thanks for your help.

Jim F

The 2 plumbers were a pleasure to deal with, explaining the process of finding the leak and repairing it quickly, while also providing information about pricing. They make a great professional team.

Peter B

Brisbane Plumber with a happy customer

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  • 10% Pensioner Discounts Because Every Little Bit Helps

Local Brisbane Plumbers

You can trust Jetset Plumbing for all your plumbing needs in Brisbane. Jetset Plumbing have a large team of qualified local plumbers to provide a truly local service. When you phone the office our efficient administration team will schedule the closest plumber to you.

Licenced Plumbers With The Best Plumbing Tools & Experience

We are a member of the Master Plumbers Association. All our plumbers drive a fully stocked service vehicle with the full range of plumbing stock, tools and equipment.

No Call Out Fees

We provide a same day plumbing service in Brisbane from Monday to Sunday – and we don’t have any call out fees!

Plumber Brisbane Services

Plumber Brisbane clears out blocked drains

Blocked Drains

We are your local Brisbane blocked drain specialists! Blocked drains can be the cause of multiple different problems within your drainage system.

Having a blocked drain is not only an inconvenience to you and your family, but it also can cause serious health problems. The last thing anyone wants is a blocked drain.

These are the main causes of blocked drains in Brisbane:

  • Tree Roots
  • Cracked or Damaged Pipes – this usually leads to tree roots
  • Soft Blockages – such as flush-able wipes, excess toilet paper, etc.
  • Object that has been flushed down the toilet – such as kids toys, toilet sanitary clips that sit on the edge of the bowl, etc.

Why are my drains blocked?

The 9 most common reasons – we find as plumbers – for blocked drains are: hair, plants and dirt, grease build up, flushed toiletries, heavy rain and storms, poor water flow through the pipes, broken pipes, bad pipe installation, and flushed foreign objects.

Blocked Drains from Hair. A build up of hair that’s starting to clog your drain is a moderately easy task to simply ‘remove the hair’ – but if it’s not cleared up straight away – it can cause a lot of issues down the line.

Blocked Drains from Foreign Objects: Whether intentionally or unintentionally, many materials shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet or washed down the drain. Some of the may items our plumbers find are children’s toys to soap, food build-up, sanitary items, jewellery and other foreign materials.

Blocked Drains from Plants & Dirt: Natural debris like trees, shrubs, dirt and leaves can be an issue for water drains, especially after a dry spell in spring and autumn. Roots from trees and shrubs are notorious for growing underneath in search of water and nutrients and as a result, will usually head straight to your drains.

Blocked Drains from Grease Build Up: Grease and fat will naturally build up in a kitchen sink over time. Our plumbers find these fat substances are a very common cause of blocked drains and pipes.

Blocked Drains from Toiletries: Recently nappies and baby wipes are the two common issue items known to block drains after being flushed down the toilet. This way of disposing of toiletries is a) dreadful for the environment b) not doing your plumbing any good. Everyone should be encouraged to dispose of toiletries in a bin the right way.

Blocked Drains from Heavy Rain and Storms: When there is an overflow of rainwater in gutters and downpipes, there’s a good chance there’s a drain blockage which needs to be cleared out. Problems caused by heavy rain and storms will usually require a blocked drain or down pipe plumber to help unclog and assist with the wastewater removal.

Blocked Drains from Broken Pipes: Water pipes can break due to tree roots and general wear and tear. If you suspect there may be a fracture in your pipes, it’s best to call a professional to come out and take a look using professional leak detection equipment.

Blocked Drains from Bad Pipe Installation: Whilst Do It Yourself methods can be money saving and an assumingly easy part of a home renovation – doing your own plumbing is not recommended. Always have a licensed plumber install your pipe and drainage system.

Blocked Drains from Poor Water Flow: As the water that flows through your pipes carry dissolved minerals than deposit on metal surfaces, it’s common for things like shower heads or parts of the taps to become clogged and reduce the water pressure. Clean shower heads and any removable parts of deposits and sediments. If this doesn’t fix the problem, it may be something bigger and best to have a professional plumber diagnose the issue.


Plumber Brisbane doing a leak detection

Leak Detection

All of our plumbers are fully trained Leak Detection specialists and fully qualified plumbers. This means that we can detect where your water leak is and then repair it. There is no need to get two separate companies out when we are fully trained and fully qualified to do them both.

Plumber Brisbane are your leak detection and leak repair experts.

Next time you need a local Brisbane Plumber on the same day you call that provides you with outstanding customer service, Call Us Today!

Plumber Brisbane repairs and install Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems

Here at Jetset Plumbing, we offer the fastest most reliable hot water service within Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Whether it be Gas or Electric we can assist you with any hot water problem you encounter.

With a team of highly qualified Plumbers and Gas fitters – no job is too big or too small.

Jetset Plumbing provide a full range of Hot Water plumbing services all under one roof, whether you’re in need of a new hot water system or just some repairs on your current system we can get the job done quickly and affordably. We install and support all brands of hot water systems and repair them to.

Plumber Brisbane takes care of kitchen plumbing

Kitchen Plumbing

Jetset Plumbing provide a wide variety of Kitchen Plumbing services such as kitchen taps, fridge water connections, gas stoves and cook tops, insinkerators, sinks/tubs installations, general plumbing as well as any kitchen blockages.

Plumber Brisbane clears blocked toilets

Blocked Toilets

Our Brisbane plumbers are experts when it comes to dealing with blocked toilets. We have everything to clear your blocked toilet right on board our trucks so no matter what is causing the blockage whether it be toilet paper, toilet freshener or children’s toys we can get it cleared quickly and affordably so you can get back to the more important things.

Plumber Brisbane fixes leaking taps

Leaking Taps

Jetset Plumbing installs and repair all kinds of taps everything from spindle taps to flip mixers for all budgets. Whether your tap is leaking, doesn’t turn easily or renovating and need a couple of taps installed our plumbers are fully equipped and ready to do the job.

Plumber Brisbane provide gas plumbing services

Gas Plumber

We don’t just deal with water – we’re professional gas plumbers too. Whether you can smell gas and require a gas leak check, you need your new gas cooker installed, or you’ve discovered that your gas is leaking and need an emergency repair, we’ve got you covered. We also specialise in gas hot water systems too! There is no gas job too big or too small for your local Gas Plumber Brisbane.

If you’ve ever contacted a Brisbane plumber and been told that they only service industrial and commercial businesses then you’ll have realised that not all plumbers are equal. We work on gas plumbing jobs for both industrial areas, as well as residential areas.

We’re licensed, fully qualified, and registered so you can be assured that our gas plumbers are able to deal with all types of gas issues from repairs to installations and safety checks to LPG conversions.

You’ll be happy to happy to know that all of our Gas fitters are also fully registered plumbers. This means that we can not only fix your gas issues, but any other maintenance plumber work as well. We are your local Gas Plumber Brisbane.

Plumber Brisbane provide backflow plumbing services

Backflow Plumber

Backflow testing is required every 12 months for property owners that have; an irrigation system, fire hose reels, commercial machinery connected to the mains or an underground water tank that has a mains water backup.

Plumber Brisbane provide blocked gutter clearing services

Have You Got Problems With Your Gutters?

The harsh Australian climate can play havoc with guttering and should it become damaged it can lead to structural problems and costly repairs. For this reason it’s important to check them regularly for signs of wear and tear. Should you spot a problem, Plumber Brisbane are your local Brisbane Plumbing Experts.

When your Guttering becomes damaged, not only can it cause physical damage that you can see, but it can also lead to problems you can’t see. For example, it can cause you headaches underground by blocking up your main storm water lines. This is where Plumber Brisbane will use our expertise to help resolve your potential problems long before they arise.

Whether you need maintenance, minor repairs or a new gutter installation, our guttering experts here at Plumber Brisbane have you covered.

Brisbane Blocked Drains

Brisbane Leak Detection

Brisbane Hot Water Systems

Brisbane Maintenance Plumbing

Plumber Brisbane are your local plumbers servicing the entire Brisbane region. Having serviced Brisbane for many years, we are a trusted company and we are extremely reliable. When you call your local Plumber Brisbane, we will assist you the only way we know how; with a 'customer first' attitude.

All of our plumbers are experts in being your local Plumber in Brisbane - and we are also experts in customer service.

We are your local Plumber Brisbane, we specialise in Brisbane Blocked Drains, Brisbane Leak Detection, Brisbane Hot Water Systems and Brisbane Plumbing. We provide a Same Day plumbing service so whenever you have a plumbing problem, you know you can rely on us.

We are Plumber Brisbane Northside, Plumber Brisbane Southside, Emergency Plumber Brisbane.

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